In the beginning…….

We are landlocked in Lexington KY counting the days until we drive down to Punta Gorda and get Terrapin ready to splash.  We will then spend November and December making upgrades and getting familiar with the boat.

A little background…..

Laura and I (Jerry) have been bareboat chartering in the Caribbean, a total of 7 trips in the past 6 years.  The last four charters were on catamarans: once on a Lagoon 380 and three times on Mahe 36s. In all of these charters, I was captain and Laura was crew, just the two of us.  On two trips we also included our best friends Charlie and Julia. Together we logged about 1,500 miles including two overnight passages of 100 miles between St Martin and Tortola.  The distance logged is not particularly great by cruising sailor standards, but it was certainly enough for Laura and I to realize that we absolutely loved cruising and that we were comfortable living on a catamaran for extended periods of time (well, 3 weeks at least).  So, we decided it was time to get our own boat and start cruising. We weren’t ready to stop working so we formulated a plan to spend a few months each year on the boat and continue to work the remaining time.  We both love our jobs, so this was like “having our cake and eating it too”.  The final piece of the puzzle was to locate the boat in Punta Gorda (see Location, Location, Location) which is an easy flight from Lexington and a 2hr drive from Wellington where Laura works the Winter Equestrian circuit in the winter.